company "Kvadrat"

Research and production Company (RPC) KVADRAT conducts business at the Ukrainian market since 2010. It is a modern fast growing company, the leader of Ukrainian agrochemical industry. The basic principles of our Company are high professionalism, responsibility to each Customer and reliability of the result on the field.

The main activities of the Company are production and sales of specialty fertilizers, biostimulants and adjuvants.

RPC KVADRAT was the first in Ukraine to produce high quality liquid starter fertilizer (In-furrow&Pop-up) and microgranulated starter fertilizers. In order to exchange experience and increase the starter fertilizers usе efficiency, the company launched an information project "In-Furrow in Ukraine". 

Along with starter fertilizers, RPC KVADRAT is one of the biggest producers of chelate micronutrient fertilizers, biostimulants for foliar application, seed treatment and fertigation.

Innovative technologies
Extra chelation technology
EXTRA-chelation technology protects trace elements from interaction with other fertilizers and plant protection products in tank mixes or soil over a wide pH range
Technology for the intensification of rhizosphere processes and increasing the utilization factor of nutrients by plants
Innovative technology for increasing plant stress resistance based on the action of a number of organic compounds with high biostimulating activity and anti-stress effect
APT technology
A technology for increasing the phloem mobility of nutrients, which ensures the rapid movement of elements from the zone of application to the point of plant growth