Quantum SEAmin

Quantum SeaAmine (registration in EU)




Complex seaweed-based fertilizers enriched with nutrients. It is a complex of  biologically active components for plant stimulating effect. It is used to maintain  a hormonal balance in critical phases of plant growth stages, to increase stress  resistance and improve the plant's absorption of nutrients.




 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • N - 7,0% (70 g/l)
  • P2O5 - 7,0% (70 g/l)
  • K2O - 7,0% (70 g/l)
  • seaweed extract - 21% (210g/l):
    • carbohydrates (poly- and oligosaccharides)
    • macro- and trace elements
    • Amino acids
    • phytohormones and hormone-like substances
    • vitamins
  • pH - 7,2-7,6
  • Density – 1,23-1,28 kg/l



Action and impact


Concentrated fertilizer based on seaweed extract with a high content of amino acids is used for:


  • Stimulating enzymatic and photosynthetic activity.
  • Overcoming stress, especially in conditions of drought and heat.
  • Mitigating the negative effects of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides on crops.
  • Activating the natural defense mechanisms of plants against pathogens.
  • Stimulating cell division, growth, and differentiation in plant cells.
  • Increasing the efficiency of applied fertilizers.
  • Enhancing crop yield and quality.


All components of the preparation are easily and quickly absorbed by plants. The product contains a biological buffer system for the working solution and possesses adhesive and moisturizing properties.