Extra chelation technology

High technology applications in agriculture require complex tank mixes for foliar solutions, seed treatment, in-furrow application or fertigation.

Extra chelate Technology protects micronutrients from interaction with other fertilizers, biostimulants and plant protection products found in tank mixes or soil over a wide pH range.

Benefits of Extra Chelate Technology

  • 100% chelated form of micronutrients for maximum stability and effectiveness;
  • excellent compatibility in tank mixes with liquid starters (orthophosphates) and other highly concentrated fertilizers, biostimulants and plant protection products;
  • compatibility with a wide range of agrochemicals, which reduces costs by minimizing the number of required contributions;
  • special formulations provide a high concentration of trace elements, excellent bioavailability and improve the penetration of all components of the tank mix.



Precipitation when mixing orthophosphorus fertilizers with non-chelated fertilizers or chelated weak chelating agents.