Технологические схемы
Soil application using In-Furrow technology

Specialized liquid and micro-granular fertilizers designed for application during sowing (or planting) of various crops using POP-UP technology. The main goal is to meet the needs of seedlings in easily accessible living elements during the period when the root system of plants is not yet sufficiently developed, especially under adverse conditions.

IN-FURROW technology - the introduction of any preparation (fertilizers, plant protection products, microbial preparations, growth regulators, etc.) into the seed furrow for seeds or in close proximity to it during sowing.

POP-UP technology - application of fertilizers during sowing in direct contact / or in close proximity to the seeds. A subspecies of the IN-FURROW technology.


  • faster germination and seedling uniformity
  • formation of a developed root system
  • enhanced initial plant growth
  • better resistance of plants to abiotic stresses, pests and diseases
  • better weed competition
  • earlier flowering before the heat stress period
  • more efficient use of moisture
  • earlier ripening and a decrease in grain moisture at the time of harvest, and, consequently, a reduction in the cost of drying
  • increased yields, especially in years with low temperatures at the beginning of the growing season

Phosphorus is the most important element to apply at the time of planting in the row because of its very low mobility in the soil and an absolute necessity for the initial growth of any crop. Nitrogen, potassium and trace elements in the composition of fertilizers increase its effectiveness.

HOME POP-UP fertilizer is the most effective provided:

  • low levels of available phosphorus in the soil and insufficient application of phosphate fertilizers before planting
  • early sowing in spring or late autumn, regardless of the level of soil fertility
  • at low soil temperature at the beginning of the growing season
  • in the northern regions on soils of light granulometric composition, as well as on other soils that are low in available phosphorus
  • if the predecessor was pure fallow or crops were grown that are not capable of forming mycorrhiza (rapeseed, sugar beet) - "Steam syndrome"
  • no-till and resource-saving growing technologies
  • if the soil is prone to phosphorus fixation (soils with acidic and alkaline pH, carbonate soils)
  • on crops and varieties / hybrids characterized by weak or slow development of the root system
  • when growing crops under irrigation, where yield levels plummet

The main advantages of applying POP-UP FERTILIZERS:


  • nutrition, optimal for the early development of plants
  • high utilization of nutrients from fertilizers
  • increasing stress resistance and competitiveness of plants, resistance to pathogens and pests


  • maximum efficiency at low application rates
  • reduce the application rate of the main fertilizer
  • lower costs for transportation, storage and application


  • practical storage and warehousing
  • greater autonomy of the sowing unit
  • lower fuel consumption


  • reduction of unproductive losses of fertilizers and the risk of environmental pollution
  • less load on the ground and fewer passes of equipment across the field


SYSTEMS FOR POP-UP application of liquid starter fertilizers.

The service department of the company carries out maintenance and installation of automated pumping systems for the application of liquid forms of fertilizer with a wide range of application rates (from 20 l / ha to 300 l / ha) on seeders of various configurations.



  • Development and production of the most ready-to-install system
  • Mounting on a seeder
  • Service maintenance


  • Development and production of the most ready-to-install system
  • Service maintenance


  • Additional equipment of an existing system with separate options
  • Service maintenance