Технологические схемы
Treatment of seeds and planting material

Early development of crops and uniform shoots is an important component of productivity. Various abiotic stresses such as drought, low temperatures, pesticides can delay germination and reduce germination. Sparse crops can promote weed development, leading to competition for moisture and nutrients from crop plants.

Mineral reserves of seeds play an important role in plant growth and development. An adequate supply of nutrients in the grain should ensure the growth of seedlings until the root system begins to supply soil nutrients, this is especially important when the content of nutrients in the soil is low or unbalanced. Pre-sowing treatment of seeds is an economically advantageous and simple way of getting essential macro-, microelements and biologically active substances into plants.

Processing technology

Seeds are processed in a standard way, for example, using PS-10 machines. First, a fungicide solution is prepared, while the initial amount of water is reduced by the appropriate dose of microfertilizer, and then Quantum microfertilizer is added to this solution, thus proving the final volume to the nominal one. Dry the treated seeds or sow immediately after treatment. For better efficiency, it is recommended to use it together with other Quantum fertilizers. It is possible to use fertilizer for industrial seed treatment (encrustation or drageeing) after the technology and cost rates have been worked out in the factory.

It is possible to soak the seeds (priming) for 2-4 hours in a 5-10% solution (for example, dissolve 0.5 l of the drug in 5-10 l of water). In this solution, several servings of seeds can be soaked in succession.

Processing of potato tubers

Immerse the tubers for a few seconds in a 5-10% solution (for example, dissolve 0.5 l of the drug in 5-10 l of water). After soaking, dry the tubers or plant them immediately. In this solution, several servings of tubers can be soaked in succession. It is also possible to evenly treat the tubers in any way at the rate of 4 liters of the drug per 10-15 liters of water to treat 1 ton of tubers.

Preparation of working solution:

Fill the tank 2/3 with water, turn on the mixing
Stir the contents of the canister
Consistently add Quantum fertilizers
add CPP
Fill the tank with water up to the nominal volume with constant stirring

Compatibility with other agrochemicals.

Perhaps the joint introduction of "Quantum" along with plant protection products and other fertilizers. Before mixing, it is recommended to check the compatibility of the preparations: the test preparation of the working solution should not precipitate. Slight haze is allowed.