QUANTUM is a trademark of the Research and Production Company «KVADRAT

Research and Production Company "Kvadrat" was established in 2010 as a private company engaged in research in the field of plant nutrition, development and production of highly effective fertilizers.

Our business is focused on creating high-quality services and products for agricultural enterprises that increase the profitability of crop production through the introduction of highly efficient modern technologies.

We provide our customers with full advisory support in the field of plant nutrition, sharing experience in optimizing production costs to increase the profitability of the crop industry.



Achieving maximum results is possible only if a team of like-minded people and professionals work together. Therefore, we pay special attention to the moral and professional qualities of the specialists working in our team, and we consider our team to be the basis of the company's success.

We are proud of our employees, among whom there are many people with higher education and academic degrees. These are consultant agronomists, managers, managers, engineers, chemists, laboratory assistants, accountants and production departments and many other specialists, each of whom contributes part of his work to the result of the company's work.



Among our customers today are both large agricultural holdings and farms. We provide quality products, service and advice share our experience with each of our customers. Thanks to a developed network of distribution partner companies, quality service is provided in different regions of Ukraine. Together with our distributors, we conduct seminars to exchange experience and study modern technologies.

We are sincerely grateful to all our customers for the trust and choice of our company. We consider our customers a valuable asset. We will make every effort to meet your needs to the maximum. We are always open for communication and are happy to hear your comments and wishes for cooperation.



The production process of our Quantum liquid fertilizers is unique and is based on the use of many modern technologies, high quality ingredients and raw materials. Only high quality raw materials can ensure the high quality of finished products. Therefore, for the production of Quantum fertilizers, raw materials from leading world manufacturers are used, including components of pharmaceutical and food purity. The geography of deliveries of raw materials covers more than 15 countries of the world.

The production process is managed by highly qualified personnel with deep knowledge in the field of chemistry and fertilizer production technology. We pride ourselves on continuously investing in our manufacturing facilities, production equipment and laboratories.

In 2018, for the first time in Ukraine, an ultra-modern line for the production of microgranular fertilizers was put into operation. The high level of production and quality of products manufactured by the company is confirmed by the international certificate TUV SUD (Germany) for the compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, in particular in the field of development, production and sale of complex fertilizers.

ISO 9001:2015


As the need for food around the world increases every year, with limited land resources, special attention must be paid to optimizing the fertilizer system to realize the genetic potential of plants and increase their yield.

Understanding these aspects, we are convinced that the creation of highly effective products for plant nutrition is possible only with deep knowledge in the field of plant physiology and chemistry, and the study of the existing needs of plants for nutrients. Therefore, every year we study the effects of various formulations of nutrients and biologically active substances on the growth and development of plants, constantly create new products and improve existing ones.


The company has created an agronomic service that provides consulting support on the use of drugs. If necessary, consultant agronomists develop individual recommendations depending on the soil and climatic conditions of the region and the needs that arise in the farms.


Modern plant growing technologies require efficient and reasonable use of fertilizers. One of the tools for optimizing the nutrition system is the timely leaf diagnostics of plants. This allows you to feed the plants according to their needs. We perform a direct determination of the content of nutrients in plant leaves (this technique has been introduced by leading agrochemical laboratories), and based on the data obtained, we develop recommendations for nutrition correction.

For the analysis of plant samples, modern instruments and equipment from leading manufacturers are used, in particular, ICP-OES and Vis-UV spectrometers of the Thermo Corporation.


In the process of our work, we use the best world experience in the development and production of fertilizers. To do this, for many years we have been communicating with leading specialists in the production and use of fertilizers, visiting production plants and laboratories to exchange experience. Our experts have visited or completed internships at fertilizer plants in Italy, Poland, Belgium, Canada, China and Australia. We also studied the experience of world laboratories in sheet diagnostics.

Our company has registered the "Quantum" line of fertilizers in the European Union as an EU Fertilizer, and the products have also passed the state registration in the Republic of Belarus and Moldova.