Технологические схемы
Foliar application

During foliar feeding, the consumption of the working solution is:

  • for field crops - 200-400 l / ha;
  • for grapes and fruit crops - 500-1000 l / ha;
  • for berry crops (strawberries) - 200-400 l / ha;
  • for bush berry crops (currant, gooseberry) - 300-500 l / ha;
  • for lawn grasses - 300-1000 l / ha (5-10 l / ha)
  • for tall ornamental trees - 8-10 l / tree;
  • for undersized, young trees and bushes - 5 l / plant.

Treatments are carried out by standard sprayers. The working solution is prepared immediately before application. Fill the tank 2/3 with water and, while stirring, add the components sequentially, waiting for uniform mixing of the previous component. When using modern sprayers with fine spraying, it is possible to reduce the consumption rate of the working solution to 50-150 l / ha.

It is possible to carry out aerial processing of crops with a consumption rate of 1.5 l / ha per one application. At the same time, the flow rate of the working solution depends on the type of equipment (primarily the type of nozzles) and can range from 5 to 50 l / ha.

Spraying is carried out in the morning or in the evening.

It is not recommended to perform processing in conditions of low or high air temperatures, intense sunlight and strong winds. The optimum air temperature is 10-25 ° C, wind speed is up to 5 m / s.

Preparation of working solution:

Fill the tank 2/3 with water, turn on the mixing
Stir the contents of the canister
Consistently add Quantum fertilizers
add CPP
Fill the tank with water up to the nominal volume with constant stirring

Compatibility with other agrochemicals.

Perhaps the joint introduction of "Quantum" along with plant protection products and other fertilizers. Before mixing, it is recommended to check the compatibility of the preparations: the test preparation of the working solution should not precipitate. Slight haze is allowed.