Quantum Phos Active

Quantum Phos Active

Multifunctional complex liquid fertilizer is used for foliar feeding. It contains increasing Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium. 


The fertilizer enriched with magnesium, sulfur, and micronutrients also contains an extract of seaweed to stimulate root development, enhance stress resistance, and improve the absorption of nutrients from the soil.



The fertilizer shows buffering capacity and acidifying properties in tank mixes.



 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • N – 7% (70 g/l)
  • P2O5 – 14% (140 g/l)
  • K2O – 7% (70 g/l)
  • SO3 – 1,0% (10 g/l)
  • MgO – 0,3% (3 g/l)
  • Fe – 0,14% (1,4 g/l)
  • Mn – 0,14% (1,4 g/l)
  • Cu – 0,14% (1,4 g/l)
  • В – 0,14% (1,4 g/l)
  • Zn – 0,07% (0,7 g/l)
  • Мо – 0,007% (0,07 g/l)
  • Со – 0,001% (0,01 g/l)
  • Seaweed extract – 2% (20 g/l)
  • рН – 1,8-2,5
  • Density – 1,15-1,25 kg/l



Action and Impact


  • It is intended for correcting the deficiency of elements, primarily phosphorus and potassium, caused by soil, weather-climatic, and chemical factors.
  • Quantum Phos Active pH, due to its buffering properties and low pH level (acidic reaction), creates optimal characteristics of the working solution for compatibility with alkaline fertilizers and PPPs (plant protection products), especially sensitive to alkaline hydrolysis. In this case, the preparation has a dual action: comprehensive plant nutrition and acidification of the working solution. Particularly effective and technologically appropriate is the use of Quantum Phos Active pH with boronolamine-based fertilizers (e.g., Quantum Boron Active, Boron Classic, Boron Active+Mo) in tank mixes with fungicides and other pesticides sensitive to alkaline environments. For additional nitrogen nutrition, simultaneous application with Quantum Slow Nitrogen is recommended. To address micronutrient deficiencies, Quantum Trio is recommended, while for a stimulating effect, Quantum ExtraPhos and Quantum SeaAmin or Quantum Humate are suggested. The metallic micronutrients are in chelated form, ensuring their high bioavailability to plants and stability in working solutions.
  • The increased phosphorus content stimulates the development of the root system during the initial stages of growth and improves flowering during the generative phase.
  • The seaweed extract promotes the stimulation of root growth and development, enhances moisture retention and nutrient absorption from the soil, and activates the enzymatic defense system, thereby enhancing plant vigor.  
  • Potassium contributes to the accumulation of sugars, increases protein content (in cereals and leguminous crops), and fats in the seeds of oil crops, improves water exchange, and enhances drought resistance.  
  • Nitrogen, sulfur, magnesium, and micronutrients contribute to the activation of photosynthesis and vegetative growth.



The high-quality concentrated raw material from the algae Ascophyllum nodosum of Acadian Seaplants Company (Canada) is used to make fertilizer Quantum Phosph Active рН.


The Acadian© seaweed extract:

  • stimulates root growth and improves moisture retention;
  • normalizes hormonal balance;
  • exhibits auxin-like activity, stimulating root growth and vascular tissue formation;
  • stimulates the synthesis of antioxidants and proline, protecting chlorophyll during stress;
  • increases drought resistance and improves water exchange by regulating stomatal function and allowing moisture retention during periods of water stress.