Quantum ExtraPhos Super

Quantum ExtraPhos Super


Concentrated liquid fertilizer-stimulator with a pronounced fungicidal effect and

a high concentration of Phosphorus in the form of Phosphite, Potassium and Nitrogen.

This fertilizer has an active stimulating effect on the root hair growth, due to which

there is the increase in moisture absorption and nutrients from the soil.


Квантум ЕкстраФос Супер



 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • N – 8,0% (80 g/l);
  • P2O5 – 58,0% (580 g/l);
  • K2O – 22,5% (225 g/l);
  • pH – 5,5-7,0;
  • Density – 1,40-1,45 kg/l


Action and impact


The high concentration of Phosphite in the fertilizer provides:


  • Activation of key biochemical processes and defense mechanisms in plants.
  • Pronounced fungicidal action by disrupting the metabolism, inhibiting the growth of pathogens, and increasing the levels of phytoalexins, chitinases, and overall antioxidant enzyme activity.
  • Increased stress resistance.
  • Enhancement of root system growth.
  • Improvement in the quality characteristics of the produce and the external appearance of fruits.


The high content of Potassium and Nitrogen:

  • Stimulates physiological activity in plants during the initial stages of development.
  • Activates the synthesis of proteins, chlorophyll, and biomass accumulation.
  • Improves plant resistance to drought and adverse effects of high and low temperatures.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of sugars and the translocation of carbohydrates from leaves to other plant organs, thereby enhancing the sweetness and quality of fruits.
  • Regulates stomatal function and cation-anion balance, normalizing transpiration.
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and phloem transport of nutrients.