Classic fertilizer based on boron complex with ethanolamine with an optimally

selected concentration of BORON.


Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • B – 15,0% (150 g/l);
  • N – 6,0% (60 g/l);
  • рН – 7,0-8,0;
  • Density – 1,34-1,37 kg/l



Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


Highly effective preparation for the prevention and provision of plants with boron.

During the application of the preparation in plants:


  • Forms a functionally powerful phloem-vascular system: Stimulates the development of a functionally powerful phloem-vascular system.

  • Increases the number of flowers and enhances their pollination: Boosts the quantity of flowers and improves their pollination.

  • Improves the flowering process: Enhances the overall flowering process.

  • Intensifies the accumulation and transport of sugar: Intensifies the processes of sugar accumulation and transport.

  • Reduces empty spikes and barrenness: Decreases the occurrence of empty spikes and barrenness.

  • Enhances plant immunity: Increases the immunity of plants.

  • Particularly increases resistance to root and fruit rots: Particularly enhances resistance to root and fruit rots.