Quantum BORON ACTIVE (EC Fertilizer)

Quantum BORON ACTIVE (EC Fertilizer)

A highly effective fertilizer based on readily available biologically active forms of boron. The amino acids in the product improve boron absorption through the leaf surface, stimulate metabolism, and enhance plant stress resistance, which is particularly important during critical phases of generative development.


Additionally, the fertilizer is enriched with a complex of polyols, which facilitate efficient boron remobilization through the phloem to growth points and young plant tissues.



 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • B – 14,0% (140 g/l)
  • N – 5,5 % (55 g/l)
  • Cu – 0,005%  (0,05 g/l)
  • Mo – 0,02% (0,2 g/l)
  • Amino acids  – 1,5% (15 г/л)
  • рН – 6,5-8,5
  • Density – 1,30-1,36 kg/l

Additionally, it contains a complex of polyols to enhance the mobility of Boron.






The ART technology (Active Phloem Transport) is a method designed to enhance the phloem mobility of nutrients, ensuring the rapid movement of elements from the application zone to the plant's growth points.


The polyols present in the ART technology form complexes with boron, preventing the element from being fixed in cell walls and forming insoluble compounds in the cytoplasm. This facilitates the unhindered movement of boron into the young tissues of the plants.



Action and Effects


A highly effective product for the prevention and provision of plants with Boron. During the application of the product:


  • A functionally powerful phloem-vascular system is formed in plants.
  • The number of flowers increases, and their pollination improves.
  • The process of flowering is enhanced.
  • The accumulation and transport of sugar intensify.
  • The occurrence of empty grains and shrunken kernels decreases.
  • Plant immunity is boosted.
  • Particularly, resistance to root and fruit rot increases.