Quantum ZINC CHELATE (Zn) 100

Complex Zinc fertilizer with high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and Zinc

in chelated form. It is used to provide nutrition for agricultural crops sensitive to

Zinc deficiency (corn, grapes, fruit and berry crops and others).


 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • N - 6,5% (65 g/l)
  • P2O5 - 11,0% (110 g/l)
  • Zn - 10,0% (100 g/l)
  • рН – 7,5-8,5
  • Density – 1,20-1,30 kg/l



Action and Effects: 


Highly effective preparation for the prevention and provision of plant tissues with Zinc.

During the application of the preparation:


  • Zinc is easily and quickly absorbed: Ensures easy and rapid absorption of zinc.

  • Rapid normalization of metabolism in plants: Facilitates the quick normalization of metabolic processes in plants.

  • Improves pollination: Enhances the pollination process.

  • Enhances hormonal balance, with the synthesis of auxins and vitamins: Improves hormonal balance, facilitating the synthesis of auxins and vitamins.

  • Accumulates and transports carbohydrates: Facilitates the accumulation and transportation of carbohydrates.

  • Optimizes plant respiration: Optimizes the respiration process in plants.

  • Increases the sweetness of fruits and berries: Boosts the sugar content in fruits and berries.

  • Strengthens plant resistance to adverse vegetative conditions: Enhances plant resistance to unfavorable vegetative conditions.