Quantum UltraZinc 117 (EC Fertilizer)

A highly concentrated Zinc microfertilizer in the chelated form (EDTA). It is used for the correction or elimination of Zinc deficiencies. Fully compatible in a tank mix  due to the Extra-chelation technology.









 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties:

  • Zn11,7% (117 г/л).
  • рН5,5-7,5
  • Density1,28-1,35 кг/л




Action and Effects: 


Highly effective preparation for the prevention and provision of plant tissues with zinc.

During the application of the preparation:


  • Zinc is easily and quickly absorbed: Ensures easy and rapid absorption of zinc.

  • Rapid normalization of metabolism in plants: Facilitates the quick normalization of metabolic processes in plants.

  • Improves pollination: Enhances the pollination process.

  • Enhances hormonal balance, with the synthesis of auxins and vitamins: Improves hormonal balance, facilitating the synthesis of auxins and vitamins.

  • Accumulates and transports carbohydrates: Facilitates the accumulation and transportation of carbohydrates.

  • Optimizes plant respiration: Optimizes the respiration process in plants.

  • Increases the sweetness of fruits and berries: Boosts the sugar content in fruits and berries.

  • Strengthens plant resistance to adverse vegetative conditions: Enhances plant resistance to unfavorable vegetative conditions.