Quantum K-Trin

Quantum K-Trin

Concentrated Potassium fertilize, soil conditioner, soil salinity corrector.

It is used in irrigation and fertigation systems of vegetable, fruit, ornamental crops

and lawn grasses to reduce soil salinity of a root area.




 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • K2O – 15 % (150 g/l)
  • Organic acids – 19 % (190 g/l)
  • рН – 6,0-7,0
  • Density – 1,10-1,15 g/sм3



Action and Effect


Quantum K-Trin is designed for:


  • Correction of soil and irrigation water salinity excess: Reducing soluble salts in the root zone, including exchangeable sodium, chloride, and other salts.

  • Improvement of soil structure and prevention of its degradation: Soil salinity can lead to compaction or waterlogging, which disrupts its structure and reduces the availability of nutrients for plants.

  • Prevention of potassium deficiency and provision of plants with it: The special potassium complex helps displace sodium ions and other salts from the soil, improves cation exchange, and increases the availability of nutrients, promoting root growth and enhancing the availability of macro- and micronutrients.


Accumulation of readily soluble salts (such as sodium, magnesium, or calcium chlorides, sulfates, and carbonates) in soils leads to soil salinization and dispersion of colloids, which disrupts soil structure and reduces aeration. The consequences of salinization include soil compaction or waterlogging, which worsen its air regime, decrease nutrient availability, suppress root growth, and contribute to the spread of root diseases.


The special potassium complex found in the Quantum K-Trin fertilizer:


  • displaces sodium ions and other salts from the soil, promoting their dissolution;
  • improves cation exchange, increasing the mobility and availability of nutrients.


This enhances soil structure, its aeration, and water retention capacity, thereby creating optimal conditions for root growth and improving the availability of macro and micronutrients.