Quantum WinPlant

Quantum WinPlant

A powerful fertilizer and biostimulant which contains a balanced combination

of phytohormones. It increases crop yield, promotes cell division, growth of

the vegetative mass and root system development, substantially improves

the immunity of plants to adverse environmental conditions. It is used for

seed treatment, foliar application and compatible with starter fertilizers

(In-furrow Technology).


 Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • N – 0,25 % (2,5 g/l)
  • Cytokinin – 0,9 % (9 g/l)
  • Auxin – 0,45 % (4,5 g/l)
  • Gibberellin (GA4 + GA7) – 0,3 % (3 g/l)
  • Organic acids – 1% (10 g/l)

Action and Effect

  • Activates plant growth and development.
  • Stimulates cell division and differentiation, promoting their enlargement.
  • Promotes root system development.
  • Delays leaf senescence.


Cytokinins (kinetin) stimulate cell division and leaf blade development.


Gibberellins (GA4 + GA7) promote cell division and elongation in leaves and stems. When applied with liquid starter fertilizers, they promote root system development.


Auxins (indole-3-acetic acid) stimulate cell elongation and root formation and development.


Organic acids in Quantum WinPlant act as stress protectors. They activate plant adaptation biochemical mechanisms, increase the activity of phytohormones and antioxidant enzymes, stimulate the synthesis of stress proteins, and promote rapid plant recovery after exposure to negative factors.



 Results of fertilizer application:


  • Increased seed germination energy and uniformity.
  • Developed root system for better water and nutrient uptake.
  • Improved stress tolerance. Greater vegetative mass and yield.