Quantum PhytoPhos

Quantum PhytoPhos



The concentrated phosphorus-potassium fertilizer with fungicidal effect contains phosphite as a source of phosphorus, as well as potassium in a specially accessible form for plants. It is used for foliar feeding, as well as for the prevention and protection of plants against fungal and bacterial diseases.


Latest Development of the RPC KVADRAT





The unique technology activates natural mechanisms for plant resilience to adverse factors. The product contains a complex of organic substances with anti-stress properties and a special formulation of phosphorus.


In plants, Quantum Phytophos moves in both directions: it is easily absorbed by the roots and moves upwards through the xylem, as well as being absorbed by the leaves and transported downwards through the phloem. Meanwhile, phosphorus, in the form of phosphate, mainly moves through the xylem: from the roots upwards and to other parts of the plant.



Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • P2O5 – 25% (250 g/l)
  • K2O – 25% (250 g/l)
  • рН – 6,5-8,0;
  • Density – 1,30-1,40 kg/l
  • Additionally contains complex of organic compounds with anti-stress action



Action and impact


This product contains special highly available formulations of phosphorus and potassium, as well as organic acids. 


The product aims to achieve the following:


  • Addressing phosphorus and potassium deficiency in plant cells.
  • Developing natural resilience in plants against pathogenic organisms.
  • Facilitating easy absorption and transportation of the product's components by plants through both phloem and xylem.
  • Providing highly available forms of phosphorus and potassium essential for plant growth and development, resulting in increased crop yield, improved quality of produce, and enhanced appearance of fruits.
  • Inhibiting the growth and development of pathogenic organisms, boosting plant immunity, and forming a protective mechanism and immune response, thereby creating additional opportunities for plant growth and development.