Quantum AquaSil (registration in EU)

Quantum AquaSil (registration in EU)

A high-concentration complex fertilizer for foliar feeding of agricultural, vegetable,

fruit, and ornamental crops.


It contains a special formulation of silicon and potassium with the addition of

humic substances for better absorption.




Сhemical composition (% w/v) and properties


  • SiO2 – 20% (200 g/l)
  • K2O – 10% (100 g/l)
  • Density – 1,20-1,25 kg/l
  • Humic substances



Action and Effect


The fertilizer contains plant-available forms of silicon and potassium with humic substances. It is used for foliar feeding of agricultural, vegetable, horticultural, and ornamental crops with the aim of:


  • Formation of strong cell walls of epidermal tissues to prevent unproductive water transpiration.
  • Maintenance of potassium balance in stomatal cells.
  • Reduction of transpiration under drought conditions.
  • Better cooling of plants during heat.
  • Formation of additional barriers against pests and diseases.
  • Strengthening of cell walls.
  • Reinforcement of stem strength in dicotyledonous plants and grasses in monocotyledonous ones (grain crops, corn, fodder and lawn grasses).
  • Extension of the shelf life of fruits.
  • Strengthening of plant immunity.



20-30% of the available silicon in the plant organism can participate

in maintaining the internal water reserve.